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Introducing the Urbana Holdings Advantage – Delivering Exceptional Returns through Strategic Investment

About Urbana Holdings

At Urbana Holdings, we have cultivated a portfolio of exceptional investment solutions, centered around the Urbana Varro family of Funds. Our mission is clear: to leverage the expertise of the Urbana Varro team to acquire and develop compelling commercial real estate assets, unlocking value at every stage and ultimately realizing superior risk-adjusted returns on investment for our valued partners.

Experience-Backed Excellence

Urbana Varro boasts an impressive track record of achieving remarkable risk-adjusted returns through equity investments in high-caliber commercial real estate. What sets us apart is our access to institutional-grade assets, a privilege rarely extended to external investors. Our proprietary investment platform has enabled us to carve out a significant market share in a fragmented landscape, granting investors exposure to diversified assets characterized by moderate leverage, geographical dispersion, and robust financial structures.


Urbana Varro Opportunity Fund I, LLC


Urbana Varro Opportunity Fund II, LLC


Urbana Varro Opportunity Fund III, LLC

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