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Urbana actively pursues the acquisition and management of well-located real estate assets that may be out of favor with institutional investors or in need of renovation, repositioning, and wholesale re-adaptation.

While the strategy pursued with each property may differ, the firm’s investment approach is uniform: underwrite each prospective investment conservatively to minimize downside risk and maximize profitability for both the firm and its investment partners. Assets are acquired at a discount to replacement cost in submarkets with attractive supplydemand characteristics, and leverage is carefully managed.


This approach, is informed by a keen understanding of real estate market trends, an eye for optimizing the capital structure of each investment, an ability to keep renovation costs under control, and a capable property management team. The firm to reliably transforms underperforming investments and deliver stable, outperforming Class-A properties to institutional investors (including private equity, money management, and insurance companies) when its efforts are complete.


Geographically, Urbana pursues acquisition opportunities in gateway cities and other select markets throughout the United States, with a focus on areas with long term growth potential like the South and Western USA. While the firm has invested in a variety of property types, including hotels, resorts, office and retail, multifamily and mixed-use, the firm’s focus for the last five years has been on investments in the hotel/resort sector. Urbana is an approved owner, operator and franchisee for the Starwood, Marriott and Hilton brands. The hospitality portfolio comprises properties in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas and California and more than 1,000 rooms inclusive of a wide array of hotel types including resort, full-service, independently operated boutique urban hotels, extended-stay limited-service and fractionally-owned condominium hotels.


Urbana seeks to capitalize on favorable trends in both asset classes and submarkets that are currently out-of-favor. Urbana and its equity partners constantly monitor the pulse of both the real estate and capital markets and stand ready to deliver value-added solutions as suitable opportunities arise. Regardless of the property, our goal remains the same: the creative transformation of each investment into a stable, institutional quality asset.

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