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Urbana both develops and redevelops strategically-located commercial properties in the United States and around the world.

As a developer, Urbana seeks out strategically-located commercial sites that show great promise and evaluates their development potential with an eye toward the proper risk-reward balance.

As a redeveloper, Urbana acquires underperforming commercial real estate properties with the goal of transforming them, via a host of value-enhancing repositioning and management strategies, into investment-caliber properties.

When Urbana has completed its development or redevelopment activities and has successfully created a stable, Class A commercial property, the firm typically sells the property to institutional investors (including pension funds, REITs, and insurance companies) interested in acquiring stable, outperforming properties.

Geographically, Urbana pursues acquisition opportunities in gateway cities and other select markets throughout the United States and is increasingly active outside of the Unites States.  Targeted property types include office, retail, multi-family, hotel and mixed-use projects, while targeted investment avenues include the acquisition of fee simple real estate as well as underperforming and non-performing mortgages.

Urbana and its equity partners constantly monitor the pulse of both the real estate and capital markets and stand ready to act when suitable opportunities arise.  Regardless of the property developed or acquired, our goal remains the same:  the creation of an outperforming institutional-quality asset.

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